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Cave of Tharounia. It is cave Skotini (dark) of Tharounia, at the location "Kakalitsa" in altitude of 440 m. The cave, which was discovered in 1974, has an impressive interior. In this cave was discovered fauna of the Pleistocenic period, while the Man of the Middle Paleolithic period-who was hunter of wild prehistorical animals- was still existing.

Lake of Distos. A lake with fluctuation of its level, according to the prevailing weather conditions. It covers an area of 14000 acres. It is considered as a hydro - biotope.


Gulch of Dimosaris. From the most known and distinguished regions of ecological interest in Evia.

Dimosaris is separating the mountain of Ochi in two unequal, precipitous and inaccessible mountains, to the East mountain Kerasia (1285 m) and to the west mountain Boublia (1150 m). The view they present is of unique and extraordinary beauty. The region is characterized by a great variety of flora and fauna. Some rare species of birds live there, birds of pray mostly, which are in danger of extinction. This uniqueness, variety and natural beauty, caused the joining of the gulch to a program for the protection of the environment called NATURA 2000.


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