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Approaches to N. Evia    

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The visitor, during the suggested tours in order to become acquainted with northern Evia, will have the opportunity, to visit and admire apart from the unique beauty of nature, several historical monuments too, in the cities and the areas he will meet. But lets have a look in some of them, indicating their corresponding numbered positions on the map.

Archaeological collection of Aedipsos and the Roman ruins. Signs of the grate interest that the Romans took in Aedipsos, when it was at the peak of its touristic thriving.

Pirgos of Agia Paraskevi of Aedipsos. Venetian monument, on the road of Aedipsos to Polilofo.

Monastery of Agiou Georgiou of Ilia. (15 km away from Aedipsos). The history of the monastery is extremely old, and the heirlooms that survived the barbaric raids are also very interesting. The beauty of nature which is surrounding the monastery, causes spiritual uplift.

Taurus of Oreoi. One of the many statues, decorating the resplendent ancient Oreos. It was created in honour of Dimitrios Poliorkitis, during the time the Macedonians were do-minant in Greece.

Castle of Oreoi. One more indication of the grate history of Oreoi. It was built during the Vennice domination, and was constructed on the foundations of older fortifications.

Natural history museum of Istiea. It is located in the eastern edge of the city, and it disposes a lot of interesting exhibits.

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