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Approaches to S.Evia    

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 Group of Drakospita of Pali Laka. One of the most significant samples of the renowned "Drakospita" (prehistorical houses) of Southern Evia, for the age of which the modern researchers are disputing. Some of them are dating them since before 700 BC. In this location, we have a complex of three "drakospita" with a common courtyard.

They are on the mountain over today’s Stira and underneath the famous stronghold of Stira. The visitor will be led to "drakospita" (as soon as he reaches the area through a rough country road) by taking a considerably acclivitous and difficult path    (500 – 600 m), which ends to some sort of scales.

Tower of Mavromichalis (Stira). The ruins of the mill, in which the young hero fell on the 12th of Ja-nuary in 1822, as he was fighting against the numerous Turks that were laying siege to him. A few yards before we reach the mill, there is a monument in the honor of the ones that fell in the battle of Stira in 1822.

"Drakospito" of Kapsales. The more accessible "drakospito" in Evia. It is by the road from Stira to Karistos, very close to Kapsala. It is in a very good condition.

Folklore museum of Kapsales. A folklore exhibition of very good taste, representational of the tradition of the residents of Southern Evia.

Castle of Filagra. Castle on a natural fortifying and rocky hill, in the area of Akteo (Skouasi).  

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