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 Eretria, this glorious monument of the Hellenic cultural past, is, due to the ferry, the second (after Chalkida ) entrance towards the western and southern Evia. The city by itself, is honorary one of the municipalities of Evia. Next to it, the municipality of Amarinthos, with the historical as well Amarinthos, is wrapping up the most historically interesting region of Evia.

But its history and the grate number of monuments are not the only motives for a visit to that - so close to Attica region. The beaches of Eretria and Amarinthos are considered to be among the most prized in the gulf of Evoikos, while a plethora of taverns in the seaside are satisfying every taste.

In this area, are gathered some of the biggest and highly organized hotel units of Evia, that every year host not only Greeks but tourists from abroad too, who come to enjoy the dreamy beaches and pay their respect to one of the sources from where the first drops of their civilizations have derived.

The ferry of Eretria has very frequent routes, on every day basis to Oropos, all year long.

We are referring to a museum city, in which the visitor founds constantly himself in front of archaeological sites and monuments. But at the same time, he is also in a modern touristic city, with beautiful beaches, picturesque taverns and up to date hotel complexes. In a few words, it is ideal for the vacation of the Greek and foreign visitors of Evia.


 Beautiful Amarinthos and its surrounding area, was in the ancient years one of the closest Demos of the great Eretria. 

Many scientists place Eretria of the Mycenaean period in the location of the today's Amarinthos. Here was the sanctuary of Artemis of Amarisio, findings of which are in the museum of Eretria. 

The surrounding area (mountainous mostly) of the municipality of Amarinthos, is equally interesting to the coastal area of today's Amarinthos, Ano Vathia, the scenic Gimno with its taverns, Kalithea and Setta, are villages that one has to vi-sit, along with the monuments of this interesting region. 

We have to note the latest discovery of a cave of great importance near Setta, which will soon be available to the visitors.


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